Viewseum: Khorvash “Coline” Khayati

Khorvash Khayati, who goes by the name Coline, started to make comics, graphic novels and design dresses when she was only five years old!  By the time she was 12, Coline […]

Viewseum: Doug Vitarelli

Doug Vitarelli has worked over 20 years as a 3D artist in NYC.  “Lives uptown, works downtown,” is his motto!  Doug is an animator, teacher, small business owner and designer.  Starting in 1987 with Michael […]

Viewseum: Katrina Villarreal

Free Spirit is a stop-motion animated short film, directed by Katrina Villarreal. Thematically, the short tackles some very dark and cerebral emotions, such as depression, isolation, disconnection, and suicide.  M […]

The Viewseum is Open

ASIFA East – Call for Submissions The Viewseum is a periodic column started by Emmett Goodman that briefly introduces a member of our chapter to the world.  We would like to […]

ASIFA-East in 2023!

Hello, and welcome to the year 2023! It’s me! Your friendly neighborhood ASIFA-East President, Tristian Goik! We are looking forward to a new year of bringing together amazing animation and […]

ASIFA East Festival Updates

Hello, this is Tristian Goik, the new president of ASIFA-East.  Our annual animation film festival has been postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic and “New York on PAUSE.”  This is […]

A Fond Farewell and a Joyful Welcome

This season marks an exciting time for ASIFA-East as we expand our team of board members and say a fond farewell to a few. As our terms as Co-President come […]

ASIFA-East’s Post-Holiday Party!

On Thursday, January 16th, ASIFA-East held their “Post-Holiday Party” at Pour George in the lower east side of Manhattan.  Pour George is a relatively new bar (their website is copyrighted […]

Norm and Cory by Andrew Kaiko

Two years ago, Andrew Kaiko’s Orbis Park (2011) was the eighth entry of the ASIFA-East Viewseum. Andrew’s first independent film showcased his skillful abilities as a hand-drawn animator, as well […]