It’s French for the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

ASIFA was founded in 1960 in Annecy, France by a group of international animators to increase world-wide visibility of animated film. ASIFA’s membership includes animation professionals and fans from more than 50 countries.

ASIFA East is the Eastern U.S. chapter of ASIFA, based in New York City. ASIFA East hosts screenings, workshops, and panel discussions on all things animation, and annually hosts the ASIFA East Animated Film Festival.


Why should I join ASIFA-East?

ASIFA-East is a vibrant community made up of animation professionals and enthusiasts, in the New York Tri-State area and beyond.  We encourage and promote a supportive environment for feedback and collaboration on the development of independent and commissioned animation projects.  We hold monthly workshops, panel discussions, and screenings dealing with important animation issues and topics.  Many members socialize at a local pub after events.  Every year, ASIFA-East holds an Animation Festival and Awards Ceremony.  It is one of our most popular events of the year, where much of the local animation industry comes out of the woodwork to take part in the celebration of animation.

What does ASIFA-East do with the money it receives through membership dues, festival submissions, etc.?

100% of the proceeds go directly to the organization. The majority of our budget is
our Festival Awards Ceremony.  Your fees pay for website upkeep, events promotions through mailing of postcards, event hosting space, food and drink at the reception, insurance on event space, etc.

How do I know when my membership is up?

You will receive a reminder mail from our secretary, letting you know that your membership is going to expire soon, so you have plenty of time to pay your annual dues. You can also sign up for automatic renewal.

What do ASIFA-East Board Members do?

ASIFA-Board Members are the bandwidth of our operation.  All posts are volunteer and unpaid.  From brainstorming events, to keeping the aNYmator going with feature articles and member participation, to hosting events, to listening and reporting member feedback, they do all they can to keep a healthy heartbeat to our community.

Who are our members?

A good 75% of our members are comprised of animation professionals.  Those include artists and professors of all artistic disciplines – from designers to storyboard artists to animator and editors.  From voiceover artists to sound designers.   Students also join ASIFA-East, as well as ardent fans of the medium.

How does ASIFA-East choose events?

Most of our event brainstorming happens by the ASIFA-East Board.  If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Why are all ASIFA-East events free?

Right now, ASIFA-East is able to cover the event costs with funds accrued from our membership drives and our festival submission fees.  By keeping our events free, we feel we’re doing a service for the community.  Our hope is that regulars do their part and contribute by becoming members.