Tribute to Michael Sporn, SVA Theatre, 3/2/2015

Tribute to Michael Sporn, SVA Theatre, 3/2/2015

One year ago, the New York animation community lost a monumental figure. Animator and director Michael Sporn made short films and TV specials, ran a prominent animation studio for over 30 years, and wrote a blog that enlightened newer generations of animators. His films are noted for using illustrative animation to bring to life not […]

In Memoriam: Tissa David (1921-2012)

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In Memoriam: Tissa David (1921-2012)

TISSA DAVID (1921-2012) Tissa David circa 1980 at the ASIFA-East Awards (Photo extracted from footage shot by Howard Beckerman) Animation said goodbye to an animation legend last night in Tissa David. I met Tissa only twice and very briefly: once after being thoroughly awed and inspired by her at her MOMA retrospective: An Evening with […]

In Memoriam: Vincent Cafarelli (1930-2011)

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In Memoriam:  Vincent Cafarelli (1930-2011)

(Linda Beck) On December 1st, 2011, we lost animation veteran and ASIFA-East Founding Member, Vincent “Vinny” Cafarelli, who passed away peacefully in his sleep at age 81. Founding Member Vincent Cafarelli (left) with Dick Rauh (President 1969-1989) in 2009 (Photo by Linda Beck) Our long time ASIFA-East Board Member, Michael Sporn wrote the following in […]

John Hubley: An Academy Salute

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John Hubley:  An Academy Salute

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences events are always a classy affair. Last night’s Academy Salute to John Hubley was no exception. Introduced by stylish Academy Program Director Patrick Harrison and hosted by the ever eloquent Oscar winner John Canemaker, the evening was informative, inspiring, and a great tribute to an animation legend. […]