The ASIFA East Animated Film Festival

Debuting in 1969, the ASIFA-East Animated Film Festival is one of the longest-running festivals of its kind. The entries are judged by ASIFA East members in an open screening for each category. Anyone may attend the screenings, but only current ASIFA East members are permitted to vote for the winning films. The digital votes are tallied and announced at a special awards ceremony in the Spring.

The 52nd Annual ASIFA-East Animation Awards

You’re invited to ASIFA-East’s 52nd Annual Animation Awards Ceremony! Join our animation celebration on Thursday, June 2nd at 7:00pm EST. This year, our show will be held at the wonderful Museum of Moving Image, in Queens, New York! Awards will be presented, bashful thank you’s recorded, winning films screened, and a lively reception at 9:00 PM will follow.

Admission is free and open to all! RSVP Required (seating is limited this year, only one +1 allowed, first come first serve on Eventbrite). Eventbrite invitation can be found in subscribers’ email inboxes today!

This year, our show will be held at the wonderful Museum of Moving Image, in Queens, New York!

Museum of Moving Image, 36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

Doors at 6:45 PM Awards will be presented, bashful thank you’s recorded, winning films screened, and a lively reception at 9:00 PM will follow.

Awards will be presented for best in independent animation, commissioned work, and student films, as well as the special craft categories of animation, writing, sound, design, and education.

Ceremony will take place in the Celeste and Armand Bartos Screening Room. Admission is free and open to all! RSVP Required.

Updated May 17, 2022: As the City has raised its COVID alert level to “High,” the Museum will require all visitors to our theaters to wear face masks and it is strongly recommended for other areas of the building. Please review updated policies.

ASIFA is French for the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation. We are the New York chapter, promoting all things animation, and our annual festival. Debuting in 1969, the ASIFA-East Animated Film Festival is one of the longest running festivals of its kind. Each year, entries are submitted and judged during special jury screenings. Only current ASIFA-East members are permitted to vote for the winning films.

Artwork by John Lustig.

ASIFA-East Fest #52 – Virtual Jury Screenings

Hello!  Welcome to another edition of the ASIFA East Animation Film Festival.  It is our 52nd festival, and we are keeping it virtual!  We bring you 3 nights of animated short films, ready for viewing and voting! 

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Please file into our delightful Vimeo presentations.  If you are an ASIFA-East Member, don’t forget your virtual ballot, brought to you by MailChimp and coming to an inbox near you! And have a chat about what you see over on our Discord at #festival 

The Jury Screenings Vimeo Streams!

This year our festival streams will be available on Vimeo UNTIL FRIDAY APRIL 1ST, to let everyone get a chance to screen and vote on the films!  

Download your program list here! STUDENT FILMS and INDEPENDENT & COMMERCIAL

If you want to vote, renew your membership here!

If you renewed your membership after March 21st 2022, it will take some time to for us to receive records of your transaction. Please email a copy of your receipt to be including in the voting!


March 22-24!

Every Night at 7:30 PM EST (show starts at 7:45 PM)

Student Films 1 – Tuesday, March 22nd

Student Films 2 – Wednesday, March 23rd

Independent Films & Commercial Work – Thursday, March 24th


**Note to Filmmakers: you will be contacted regarding your place in the screening programs, please be patient, and forward any questions to 

We have digitized our trusty paper ballots onto the internet so that our members* can vote on the films from the comfort of their own homes. You can always join or renew your membership HERE!  Stay tuned for more info about virtual ballots and about our awards ceremony in 2022!

*You must sign up for membership before the day of the screening, to ensure that you are added to the mailing list for the ballots.

Voting Instructions: 

The day before the screening, check your email inbox for our Mailchimp Survey!   On your ballot there are a range of numbers from 1-5.  This is the overall score for the film, 5 being the highest/best score, and 1 the lowest/worst. 

Please do not leave any blanks!  Only current ASIFA-East paid members are allowed to vote on the festival entries.   Please submit only once and you will receive a confirmation of your submission. 

For the Independent, and Commercial categories, we also have Craft Prizes!

Below the top overall score for the film, are the scores for our merit awards.  Please select a score here only if you think the film is worthy of merit for excellence in these areas.  If you do NOT think any merit applies, do NOT select a score.  The merit awards recognize outstanding achievement in the following areas:

  • Animation
    • Technique, layout, character acting, etc
  • Design
    • Character design, backgrounds, etc
  • Writing
    • Script, screenplay, dialogue, including humor
  • Sound Design
    • Sound effects, voice over, soundtrack, musical score
  • Education
    • Scholastic worth, teaching ability

 – your friendly neighborhood President, Tristian Goik

Artwork by John Lustig

Festival Entry


Submission outlines your entry information and a link to your (private) film. Payment submits your entry fee. Provide film title and director in the “leave a note” field. Entries missing payment will be disqualified. Each film submission requires a completed entry form. One entry form per film. Deadline is February 14.

Films produced before July 1, 2019 are not eligible. PLEASE BE ADVISED: We are only accepting entries from North America.

We are now waiving all late fees, enjoy!

Due to the high volume of student films, we advise schools submitting on behalf of their students to limit their entries to their best and brightest, and suggest capping it at 10 films per department. This will allow for collegiate diversity in the student film category. Thank you.

The ASIFA East Animated Film Festival holds screenings for our judges (the ASIFA East members) and a screening of the winning films. These events may be virtual.

Please provide a Dropbox shared folder link to the downloadable video or a private Vimeo link with “Download” enabled. Videos must use the H.264 codec and follow the compression guidelines at Dropbox and Vimeo are great suggestions, but any file transfer service is acceptable. We have a 1GB file size cap per entry. Entries that do not follow these guidelines will be disqualified. Please email if you need advice.


  1. ELIGIBILITY: Film must have been produced after July 1, 2019, and must be received no later than February 14, 2022, accompanied by a completed entry form and all entry fees. Film must not have been entered in previous ASIFA East festivals. Films must be received by the deadline to be considered.
  2. AWARD CATEGORIES: First, Second, and Third Prizes for overall excellence will normally be given within each of the entry classifications. All categories will be eligible for Best in Show designation, as well as being eligible for craft awards within the judging classifications. In some circumstances, including overall quantity and/or quality of submissions, “tie” awards and/or greater or fewer prizes may be issued. The decisions in all categories will be final. The final decision for all awards will be made by the Festival Committee, based on the results of judging by the membership of ASIFA EAST.
  3. DISCLAIMER: ASIFA East will not be responsible for damages incurred during screening, although ASIFA East will agree to take all reasonable care when screening films. ASIFA East will not be responsible for infringements of rights of entries accepted for screening by the jury.
  4. Work(s) submitted to, and selected for, the ASIFA East Animation Festival is/are intended for public exhibition by ASIFA at the ASIFA East Animation Festival, including its juried screenings and awards ceremony, and/or partner ASIFA National Groups strictly in the context of not-for-profit, ASIFA-curated events intended primarily for active ASIFA members and at which no admission shall be charged, income realized, consideration provided, or attribution provided beyond that which appears in the Work(s). Screening lists may be published. ASIFA East warrants that it shall not otherwise exhibit, sell, or distribute any submitted Work(s) without express written agreement with the rights-holder. By submitting Work(s) to the ASIFA East Animation festival you permit and warrant that you are fully authorized to permit, such exhibition of the Work(s) as provided above.

For questions or issues regarding submissions*, email:

For information regarding Festival Jury Screenings or for general ASIFA EAST info visit:

* ASIFA East no longer accepts DVD submissions. If you are unable to send us a download link, email us for instructions.

* At this time, we can only accept entries from North America.