Video Footage of ASIFA-East’s 1980 Animation Festival

Guest post by Michael Sporn.  This article was originally posted on the Splog.

Howard Beckerman brought a DVD of his home movies of he ASIFA East Animation Festival of 1980. (Actually, I think there are two separate years on this video. People are wearing different clothes in the latter half. However, I can’t be sure.) These are the faces of the crowd who came to those wine and cheese gatherings before the awards. Now, you have sandwiches, wine, beer and soda AFTER the awards. It’s still the place to see a large group of the animation cognoscenti in NY.

I’ve tried to identify as many people as I can and have printed out some stills to do just that. Here are some people to look for.

Candy Kugel

John Canemaker

Russell Calabrese

George Griffin

Carol Millican (center)

John Gati

Tissa David

Sam Magdoff

Nancy Beiman & Dean Yeagle

me, Michael Sporn

Iris Beckerman

Iris Beckerman

Lu Guarnier

Harriette Rauh (right side)

Charles Samu

Will Friedwald & Jerry Beck

Iris Beckerman & Prescott Wright

Sam Magdoff & Irra (Duga) Verbitsky

Francis Lee

Dick Rauh

Don Duga

Joey Ahlbum & Jerry Beck

Dick Rauh

Irwin Lapointe (center w/tie)

Jane Aaron

Charles Samu

Dick Rauh - Pres

Prescott Wright - Guest Speaker

Joey Ahlbum

David Ehrlich & Joey Ahlbum, Chas & Kathy Samu (behind David)

David Ehrlich

Here’s the silent video of the Festival celebrities. See if you can identify any of those I missed (and let us know in the comments.)


  1. Janet Benn
    May 14, 2012

    Hi Michael,

    Well, I did see a few more people. I am a checker by trade, after all!

    :04, :47
    One I would ask for help with: the woman with the red hair at 0:04 is named Elizabeth: she came to every event and I remember always had to leave to get to her bus to NJ. I believe she was a librarian.

    Ruth Mane first appears at the left side.

    :19, 01:14, and
    01:32 (left, behind Lu Guarnier)
    Again, help, the man on the right who always came with Ruth Mane, with the comb-over and beard. He worked at an FX house then went to NBC to do on-air graphics.

    That could be Linda Simensky looking very young on the left edge with a cracker.

    Carol Millican in center.
    Geoffrey Johnson at right, behind her.

    Bill Plympton, right side.

    01:35, 02:16
    Is that Douros on the left?

    Tony Eastman in the back, looking at the camera

    Partial Sue Burgos, behind Francis Lee.
    [So good to see Francis Lee – my first film was shot on his stand with Vicky Rosenwald’s help.]

    Is that Charles Solomon? [Too bad so many heads are cut off.]

    02:33, 02:42
    Tony Eastman again, on the left, in profile. He turns.
    Probably his wife looking at camera?

    Is that Edward Bakst, with hair and mustache?
    Judy Price? Or Judy Solomon? Right side near the bottom, third head in.
    Bryon Moore in profile, very bottom right corner.

  2. Michael Sporn
    May 14, 2012

    That wouldn’t be Bill Plympton at a 1980 event. He didn’t do his first animated film until 1985 and wouldn’t have been an ASIFA member any sooner. I also don’t think that’s Charles Solomon. I have to admit that I initially thought so, but not so the more I look at it.

    • Janet Benn
      May 14, 2012

      Yes, you’re right on Bill Plympton.

      You know, Leonard Maltin used to have a beard, but not long hair, I think.