Help Solve the Mystery of Marie Jocelyne

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Some of you may remember my story on the Queens International Film Festival, or the subsequent DA investigation into numerous fraud allegations against Marie Castaldo, the woman behind the festival.  Or you may remember the Arnie Diaz Shame, Shame Shame segment,  or her arrest on animal abuse charges – also documented by Arnie, and the eventual guilty plea that led to her deportation.

For the past five years, Martha Shane (Producer and co-director of Bi The Way) and Dan Nuxoll (Program Director of Rooftop Films, co-producer of Kiss My Snake) have been chasing down Marie Castaldo: convicted criminal, alleged con-artist, and proprietor of scandal-plagued film festivals.   They have been across the globe from the US to Africa, and finally to London, where they spent 25 hours interviewing their main subject.  A victim himself, Dan Nuxoll, with Co-Director Martha Shane, has been producing a documentary on just who the real Marie Castaldo is.  You can be a part of this film’s production by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign, where much-needed funds will go towards completion of the film with interviews, reenactments, and animated segments.

“The Mystery of Marie Castaldo and the Queens International Film Festival will take the audience on a voyage of discovery from Africa to Paris to L.A. to Queens to Riker’s Island, and finally to the small apartment in London where we finally met Marie face to face. In the end, we hope to come to a better understanding of what truly drives Marie. But we can’t do all this without your help.” – Dan Nuxoll and Martha Shane.

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