The 53rd ASIFA-East Animation Jury Screenings

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Welcome to another edition of the ASIFA East Animation Film Festival.  It is our 53rd festival, and we are keeping it virtual!  Four nights of animated short films, free and open to the public, ready for member-voting. Help us spread the word and invite your friends!

Jury Screening Schedule

Screenings Begin here at 7 PM EST

Tuesday, April 18 – Student 1
Thursday, April 20 – Student 2
Coming up:
Tuesday, April 25 – Commercial, Music Video, Experimental
Thursday, April 27 – Independent

Save the date May 25th for our awards ceremony at the Museum of Moving Image!

Voting Rules:
 – Members, please check your email inboxes the day of the screening for digital ballots.
 – Ratings are based on 1-5 stars, with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest
 – Craft Awards are available for all categories except Student films.  They include: Writing, Design, Animation, Sound Design (excluding Music Video category), and Education.
 – This year our festival streams will be available on Vimeo FOR TWO WEEKS following each screening, to let everyone get a chance to watch and vote on the films! 

Student films are now available for voting! 

As always, feel If you want to vote, make sure you are a member, or become one. Check your ASIFA East Membership here.