The 51st ASIFA-East Animation Festival!

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The 51st Annual ASIFA-East Jury Screenings!

And we’re back!   Cut to: another edition of the ASIFA East Animation Film Festival.  It is our 51st festival, and boy is it a doozie.  We bring you 5 nights of animated short films, ready for viewing and voting!  But the strange year of 2020 is over, so we are doing things a little bit differently…in 2021.

Introducing the virtual jury screenings!  FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Please file into our delightful Vimeo presentations.  If you are an ASIFA-East Member, don’t forget your virtual ballot! And have a chat about what you see over on our Discord at #festival 


Click here for the Jury Screenings Vimeo Stream!

You have until midnight Friday 1/29 to watch and vote on our Independent & Experimental Film Category!


January 14 – 28th!

Every Night at 8:00 PM EST (stream starts at 7:45 PM)

Download your program list here!

Student Films 1 – Thursday, Jan. 14

Student Films 2 -Tuesday, Jan. 19

Student Films 3 –  Thursday, Jan. 21

Commercial Work – Tuesday, Jan. 26

Independent Films & Experimental – Thursday, Jan. 28



**Note to Filmmakers: you will be contacted regarding your place in the screening programs, please be patient, and forward any questions to 

Everyone’s membership has been extended one extra year, because 2020 has been hard enough on us all.   (International memberships not included).  You can always join or renew your membership HERE!

This year our festival streams will be available on Vimeo UNTIL MIDNIGHT THE NEXT DAY, starting at 8:00 PM, to let everyone get a chance to screen and vote on the films!  

We have digitized our trusty paper ballots onto the internet so that our members* can vote on the films from the comfort of their own homes. (Did you know people don’t live in New York City?!) Stay tuned for more info about virtual ballots and about our awards ceremony in 2021!

*You must sign up for membership before the day of the screening, to ensure that you are added to the mailing list for the ballots.


Voting Instructions: 

The day before the screening, check your email inbox for our Mailchimp Survey!   On your ballot there are a range of numbers from 1-5.  This is the overall score for the film, 5 being the highest/best score, and 1 the lowest/worst. 

Please do not leave any blanks!  Only current ASIFA-East paid members are allowed to vote on the festival entries.   Please submit only once and you will receive a confirmation of your submission. 

For the Independent, Commercial, and Experimental categories, we also have Craft Prizes!

Below the top overall score for the film, are the scores for our merit awards.  Please select a score here only if you think the film is worthy of merit for excellence in these areas.  If you do NOT think any merit applies, do NOT select a score.  The merit awards recognize outstanding achievement in the following areas:

  • Animation
    • Technique, layout, character acting, etc
  • Design
    • Character design, backgrounds, etc
  • Writing
    • Script, screenplay, dialogue, including humor
  • Sound Design
    • Sound effects, voice over, soundtrack, musical score
  • Education
    • Scholastic worth, teaching ability


 – your friendly neighborhood President, Tristian Goik


Artwork by John Lustig