LAIKA Enchanted

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LAIKA Enchanted

On March 29th, at the Scholastic Theatre in SoHo, NY, Mark Shapiro (director of entertainment brand marketing for LAIKA) gave a special presentation of the movie Coraline. It was “LAIKA: Behind the Magic,” part of the New York International Children’s Film Festival. The movie Coraline is a 24 FPS stop-motion animated feature, based on a […]

Henry Selick brings Coraline to New York City

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Article written by Emmett Goodman. On November 17, a private screening of Coraline in 3D took place in New York. Taking place with the film, director Henry Selick made an appearance for a Q&A. I have known Henry Selick’s name since The Nightmare Before Christmas (directed by Selick, produced and conceived by Tim Burton). He […]

Coraline – did you see it yet?

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Coraline debuted this weekend at #3 at the box office, making 16.3 million in its first weekend.  Did you see the film yet?  What were your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments area!