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The ASIFA International Board is pleased to introduce its new and updated magazine, sent twice yearly to all ASIFA international members, ASIFA Magazine: The International Animation Journal. With this new magazine, I am especially glad to say that ASIFA has once again resumed ownership and editorial authority for the direction of its publication. I am delighted also to report that, for the first time in three years, the magazine will once again be offered to French-speaking members in French translation, available in .pdf format via look forward to retaining the services of publisher John Libbey Publishing and editor Chris Robinson, who have continued their fine work with the current issue, which was unveiled at this year’s Annecy Festival and is currently being distributed to International members worldwide.As always, the magazine offers an excellent assortment of features on the art and the industry of animation, often on subjects overlooked in more commercial publications. The Summer issue features an in-depth interview with Persepolis directors Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parannoud; an examination of how the Asian animation industry balances original production with work-for-hire; an interesting and unusual look at the use of animation as a tool on medicine; articles on the work of Raoul Servais, Terry Gilliam, Koji Yamamura, and David Anderson; and more. Look for the new magazine in your mailbox (and if you are not yet an International member, what are you waiting for?)!The ASIFA International Board is formally announcing its call for candidates for the position of Executive Director.  Assiduous readers of the International Updates will recall that the Board introduced and approved this position at the General Assembly in Zagreb, with the goal of delegating some of the President’s day-to-day administrative responsibilities and allowing more sustained management of both new and ongoing ASIFA activities, including International Animation Day (admirably managed since its inception by Olivier Catherin, ASIFA-France, who is stepping down from his position this year to oversee the management of his own animation studio) and with a particular interest in expanding and maintaining its Internet presence via members are encouraged to submit nominations for suitable candidates. Nominations should include:1.  The candidate’s professional biography, and2.  The nominee’s “general plan of activities and specific fields of interest,” in accordance with the proposed responsibilities detailed in the Call for ED Candidates (see formal text, below).Nominations should be sent to Please note that the deadline for nominations is September 30, 2008.CALL FOR ED CANDIDATESThe ASIFA Board of Directors has installed the new position in ASIFA – the Executive Director.Executive Director is a position outside the ASIFA Board who should, among other duties, focus mainly on: Fundraising, Merchandising, Public Relations, Agenda Settings etc.This is a part time position.The Executive Director will carry out ASIFA Board’s guidelines, as approved by the ASIFA President.Here are the proposed tasks:EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  1. Money related issues    Fundraising    Merchandising    Fees (equitable system)    Budget / Financial Plans2.  Foreign Affairs     Unesco     Contact with other organisations3.  Events / promotional activities     Exhibitions     Publications (besides magazine / website)4.  Festival related issues     ASIFA promotion5.  Membership related issues     Membership acquisition6.  Controlling / supervision (corresponding to ‘Agenda Setting’)     The ED is responsible for controlling and supervision of all processes, including the website, magazine, IAD, etc. in ASIFA’s management.The candidates for the ED position are asked to propose the specific fields of activities they are interested in, in order to improve the Association.FUNDING:  The Executive Director will be appointed for a one year trial period. During this period his/her honorarium will be 5.000 Euro provided by ASIFA and the Executive Director will perform his/her fundraising duties which may or may not cover his/her honorarium.After the trial period, if the Board approves the continuance, the Executive Director will work on the basis of self-financing,starting with 2010, as part of his/her fundraising duties. In the meantime, until 2010, the ED’s honorarium (417 Euro permonth) will be covered by ASIFA.After the one year trial period, the Executive Director will deliver the full report about his/her work.At the end of the trial period, the board will evaluate this position (considering a proposal for continuance).