SLIMQUICK ads by Buzzco Associates

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Viewseum | One Comment

(Warning: anything said about this product does not reflect the opinion of the author, Buzzco Associates or ASIFA-East.)

This week’s Viewseum entries come via Candy Kugel of Buzzco Associates.

The ads are simple yet playfully humorous while successfully selling the product. The simple black, white and blue design successfully conveys a sly sense of humor suggesting the needs and uses of SLIMQUICK.









The ads were animated by Candy, Rick Broas and Vincent Cafarelli. It is also the last Buzzco project Vincent worked on before his passing in December 2011. Vincent’s passing makes these ads particularly special now. Candy and Vincent co-founded Buzzco Associates, and for years, it has been one of New York’s prime animation studios.

1 Comment

  1. janet benn
    March 5, 2012

    These are great! Simple, tasteful, effective. Quality stuff.