Rob Yulfo in Amnesia’s “Pop-Up Art” Exhibition

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Article by Caresse Singh.

Displayed above, Rob Yulfo’s “Devil and Mouse Boy”  was one of the few real gems at Amnesia’s “Pop-Up Art” Exhibition on Friday, May 7th. This piece along with his two others on display, were created using scraps of cardboard, canvas and acrylic paint.

Seen below, “Donny No Skins” is a recurring character for Yulfo, who started the series in 2006 about a boy who was born without skin. (For more information, check out:

The other pieces on display at the exhibit were far less innovative. Among them, scantily clad women with whips and full body metallic paint danced around provocatively as some sort of robotic, dominatrix-esque performance piece. At one point, a dancer knocked over a display of inked drawings which were placed hap hazardously on display in the middle of the awkwardly structured gallery area. Another eye-roller, was a badly drawn depiction of the Twin Towers with Osama Bin Laden’s head randomly floating in the sky next to it.

There was no real sense of theme connecting the pieces in the exhibit other than that all of the pieces were 3D in some sense. Ultimately, it was a lesson in why cliches fail to arouse anything other than irritation. The dancers and the 9/11 piece all tried way too hard to elicit an all-too-easy emotional response. Yulfo’s work, on the other hand, displayed thought channeled into a concise message and peppered with humor.

Let’s see it move, now, Yulfo!