“Rites” by Robert Lyons and U-Arts Film-Digital-Film

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This week’s Viewseum entry is an example of an alternative/experimental style called “Cameraless Animation.” Robert Lyons regularly teaches Stop-Motion and Experimental Animation, and his trademark is ending each course with a collaborative-class project, often involving original film-stock. “Rites” was made with his “Film-Digital-Film” (35MM Class) at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, hand-made directly on 35mm film-stock.

In the digital age, celluloid is used less and less commercially. But artistically, there is still something alluring about film and its warm, physical feel. And Bob (as he is known to friends) and his classes continue to be reminded of that. And in turn, they remind us (the audience) as well.

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  1. Robert Lyons
    September 21, 2011

    Look for the word ASIFA that appears in the film at apx. 2:05 of the film, in B&W, in the lower right hand corner of the frame. This film will be include in The Punto Y Raya Film Festival in Madrid, Spain later this year (November 3-6). http://www.puntoyrayafestival.com/