Queer Animation: From A to Z

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Thank you everyone for coming out!  Last night was the first “Queer Animation” screening, showcasing LGBTQ+ films “from A to Z.”  

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers, Asexuals, Intersex, Questioning, even Demisexuals… they all make films too! 
Celebrate Pride month with “Queer Animation: From A to Z”!   A selection of short films from the last 5 years and from more than 5 different countries. 


Curated by Tristian Goik, who also animated the interstitial loops, and special thanks to Steve Mc Enrue, general manager of Metropolitan Bar for hosting us! 

Email asifaeastevents@gmail.com for programming info

Here are the films that played:

Poochini by Max Colson, A man has a mental breakdown while taking a shower, and his only hope is his little puppy, Poochini.

Bittersweet by Allen Martsch about “the joy and anxiety of a high school crush.”

A Good Man by StoryCorp “Bryan talks with his brother Mike about what it was like to reconnect years after their dad kicked Bryan out for being gay.”

Pifuskin by Tan Wei Keong, “A man scratches the skin he lives in.”

Hypocrites & Strippers by Kim Yaged, “a comedy about selling sex and selling out.”

Uuuuuu by David Delafuente, “Thoughts at 3 A.M.”

Plugin by Sergio Di Bitetto,  is “the story of a mechanical city in which every citizen is a part of the city itself, responsible for generating lights by connecting the male and female parts of the mechanism.”

Haircut by Virginia Mori, where two school girls take a scissor to a braid.

Dirty Paws by Karina Farek, where “a couple spend the night of the full moon together…”

Fashion Cave! by Tristian Goik “Join Scarlet Envy and Daphne Sumtimez on an urban adventure of massive magnitude and dripping danger.”

Beautiful by Jin Woo, “This picture portrays the society’s heavy influence on the unification of individual characters in this world.”

Hanging by Nick LeDonne, “an award winning abstract animated documentary based off the director’s personal ​ ​journey through depression in November of 2014.”

Hi, It’s Your Mother by Daniel Sterlin-Altman, a shocking tragi-comedic stop motion short about family and blood(y) ties.

Modern Love: Breaching the Seawall by Adam Wells, “When Laurel Fantauzzo met a young woman and her bicycle in Manila, her relationship to the city was transformed.”

Ama by Emilie Almaida, “on the coast of Japan, an American woman is visiting a village with her military husband and a group of friends. Breaking away from the group, she meets with Namiko, a young ama fisherwoman.”

Confessions of a Breastimator by Jisu Kim, the “story of a breast aficionado.”

Shudo by To Anh Bach, “Hayate and Iwa face one another on a battlefield. Absorbed by their pride, they clash in a duel fueled by deep emotions.”

Teagan by Igor Coric, “From male to female, and from despondency to happiness.”

Sleep Awake by Nora Meek, “an animated film about longing, compassion, and being there for someone who needs you.”

Arrival by Alex Myung, “A young man’s journey of self discovery affects the long distance relationship he keeps with his mother.”

Fishy by Joe Sulsenti, “a sailor stranded at sea, when a merman drag queen offers to help… but for a cost.”