Queer Animation 3

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Thank you to all our filmmakers and guests, Metropolitan Bar and Miyu Studios for creating another wonderful Pride month screening!  Learn more about the films below.


Checking the Third Box

Augenblick Studios – Mady G.

2018 USA

Tales From Pussy Willow

Kate Jessop

2016 UK

I Like Girls

Diane Obomsawin

2016 Canada

Queer I

Tristian Goik

2019 USA

Flash Flood – A Rotoscoped Documentary

Alli MacKay

2017 Canada/USA

Love Is Love

WIll Heckler

2017 Australia


Cheng-Hsu Chung

2018 Taiwan/UK

Reach the Sky

Daniel Sterlin-Altman

2018 Canada

Queere Tiere

Studio Monströös

2017 German

Half A Life

Ado Ato Pictures

2017 Egypt/Netherlands/USA

The Land of the 3-Drink Minimum

Jeremy Speed Schwartz

2019 USA


Yonatan Tal

2016 USA


Ela Grisaru and Dana Levy

2014 Israel

Asexual Story

Megan Delany

2018 USA


Miyu Studios 

Rikke Planeta

2018 Denmark

I’m Still Developing as a Sexual Being

Augenblick Studios – Annie Zhao

2018 USA


Sam Gurry

2017 USA

J’attends La Nuit

Miyu Studios 

Arthur Chaumay

2018 France

Hot Tea

Marcel Tigchelaar

2017 Netherlands


Miyu Studios 

Gobelins – L’ecole de L’image

2017 France


Xavier Gorgol

2012 Belgium

Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness

Sarah Koppel

2014 Denmark 

Recently in the Woods


Daniel van Westen

2013 Germany