Queer Animation 2018

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Wow our 2nd Pride month screening of Queer films was another success!  Thank you to everyone for coming, the great guys at Metropolitan Bar, our filmmakers, including the animators who were able to make it to the show Amy Xu, K Kypers, Christi Bertlesen and Kim Yaged (and anyone else I might have missed)!  An emotional night with lots of coming out stories of all kinds, great drinks, and even a few fireflies who were gay for the projector.  Here is the film list program, some films are out now, and some are still on the festival circuit!

Queer Animation 2: From A to Z

OutRoscoe Rappaport

(2018, USA)

1st Day & Next Minute – Sara Koppel

(2017, Denmark)

JarLizzy Dolce

(2017, USA)

Tidal Wave – Christi Bertlesen

(2017, USA)

Mom’s ClothesJordan Wong

(2018, USA)

Happy & Gay – Lorelei Pepi

(2014, USA)

Zoodio 54 – Rodrigo Rodriguez

(2017, UK)

The Fish Curry (Maacher Jhol)Abhishek Verma

(2017, India)

Out Of The Box – Marcel Saleta

(2017, USA)

Drink N DrawTristian Goik

(2017, USA)

Open RecessAmy Jingyi Xu

(2016, Canada)

VowsMark McKinsey

(2017, USA)

Jim’s Introduction to Gender Identity – K. Kypers

(2017, USA)

My Little Princess – Hathaison Gerdprasert

(2018, USA)

The Night CleanerBlair Fukumura

(2016, Canada)

Coming Full Circle – Kim Yaged

(2015, USA)

PussyRenata Gasiorowska

(2016, Poland)

ManivaldChintis Lundgren

(2017, Canada, Croatia)