Queens International Film Festival Founder subject of numerous fraud allegations

Posted by on Nov 25, 2009 in Feature Articles | No Comments

Following my lousy time at the Queens International Film Festival, it’s come to light, via news sources, that the founder, Marie Castaldo, is the subject of numerous fraud allegations, stemming from unpaid debts from Queens, to upstate NY, to California.  The Queens Chronicle has an in-depth look on the story. And last night, Fox 5 News Reporter, Arnold Diaz, ran a Shame on You segment.  A local councilman is calling for an investigation.  After my experience at the film festival, I can tell you that this festival is an embarrassment to the Queens arts community, and I feel horribly for all the unsuspecting filmmakers and crew involved, who appear to have been taken for a ride.  I will let the articles and Shame on You segment speak for themselves, but I think it’s important for you all to be aware of it.