ASIFA-East Open Screening Night 2014

About 40-50 people gathered together on the night of November 18th, 2014 to share their work with their peers at the 2014 ASIFA-East Open Screening.  From pencil tests to fully finished pieces, the work shown represented a broad array of animation styles and techniques.  This was a casual event, held each year to foster mutual support for one another in the industry through constructive feedback and comradery.  There was a ton of talent in the room and I think we all left feeling very inspired by the works shown.  The following is the screening list, along with some notes I managed to scribble down inbetween screenings.  We apologize to those whose films we couldn’t screen.  Please feel free to send us links to embed here.  Also, please do correct me for any misspellings.  Contact me at

Screening List

  1. Andrew Kaiko: Tidbits #3. Work in Progress.  This episode is not online yet, but Andrew would like to share this one with the online community.
  2. Emmett Goodman: Give ’em Hell Adele.  This is the second episode in the Coddett Project series.
  3. Xeth Feinburg: Ransack Rabbit: Episodes 1-3.  This is Xeth’s latest animation series.  Along with the animation, he does all the voices and sound effects.
  4. Andrew McCantos: Practice piece on zombies and hoagies
  5. Jose Martinez: Demo Reel
  6. Joshua Advincola: Demo Reel
  7. Andy London: ASIFA screener of his students work, most of whom were present in the audience.  Featured a variety of styles.
  8. Andy London: Highway to Hell.  A not so not personal animation.  Done with charcoal on paper and put together in Photoshop and After Effects.
  9. Stephen Sues: Hollow.  Animated directly on the Photoshop timeline.
  10. Tristian Goik: Throwing Shade.  Lipsync test.
  11. Godfrey Hibbert: Godfrey loop.  Loop de loop animations.  Looked for feedback on different ways to composite the animations
  12. Morgan Miller: Crow stuff.  pencil tests.
  13. Christi Bertelson: Late.  Funny and perfect ending.
  14. Ricardo Martin: Big Bag.  Currently on the festival circuit and winning lots of awards!
  15. Katie Cropper: First World Female Problems.  Pilar Newton has asked for more episodes!
  16. Maya Edelman: WIP 8.
  17. Chrissy Fellmeth: Beardeux
  18. Gina Bari: Crayon Dance.  Lovely stop motion piece of crayons dancing.
  19. Pilar Newton: Kabbala Toons. Episode 100!
  20. Jacob Kafka: Cold Feet.  Jacob shared his film as a work in progress at the 2013 Open Screening.  He showed 4 minutes of the finished animation and left us on a nail-biting cliffhanger!

We were unable to screen the following films.  I will post as many links as I can find, but feel free to send me direct embed links.

  1. Stephen Brooks: Podcast Animation
  2. Marc Wilson: Burn Ward
  3. John Lustig: Homework
  4. Elliot Widaen: Demos of Kids Aniamtion
  5. Robert Lyons: Nightmares Anijam

Thanks again to all who shared their work.  Best wishes on these and your future work!!