Open Screening Film List

Here’s a list of the films that were screened at our Annual Open Screening.  Thanks to all the filmmakers for sharing their work!

Alisa Stern   “Slim”
Alex Torres  “A Dark Plummet”
Blue Bliss    “Alone”
Rob Yulfo   “Wyle E. Coyote in 127 Hours”
Nick Fox-Gieg   “More than Winning”
Karen Ross   “Karen Ross Demo Reel”
Tristian Goik   “Works in Progress”
Max Parr   “Greetings”
Danny and Simone Dresden   “Made You Cringe”
Josh Weisbrod  “To Heather”
John Lustig   “Dorm Storm”
Linda Beck   “Gryphon”
James Harrigon   “Yes!”
Emily Compton   “Inle”
Heidi Campbell   “Heidi Campbell’s Demo Reel”
Andrew Kaiko  Orbis Park Development Reel
Elliot Cowan  “Clinically Insane”
Brett W. Thompson  “Fluid ‘Toons”
Adrian Urquidez   “Where’s Dick?”
Richard O’Connor   Thomas Cole Documentary
Bob Lyons “Animation Tests/ Ikea Movie”
Jamie Ekkens  “Big Screen Plaza Promos”
Ivy Ao   “The Prettiest Girl”
Jose Maldonado   “Zimbabwe Promo Piece”