One Stuck Duck’s “Test”

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Article written by Dayna Gonzalez.

On Friday, Apriil 17, One Stuck Duck Productions held a big bash for the premiere of their new music video Test for the Subterraneans.    It was a packed house and the band was there to perform a live show.   I must say this video’s pretty darn cool.  The animation is amazing and a lot of fun to watch.  I thought for sure it was done in Maya, but turns out the majority’s done in After Effects.  Those One Stuck peeps sure are talented.  The music video features a huge brawl in the streets of New York City as two giant robots fight over… ice cream?  I do love me some ice cream!  The backgrounds are mostly live action as are the the two members of the band controlling the robots.  The use of color the design of the robots are really interesting as well.  You can watch the video here: