News and Updates

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Couple of quick updates brought to our attention:

From our friends at VanArts: Last call for the Story, Character & Animation Masterclass in New York City! Taught by instructors from Pixar Animation Studios.

The class starts THIS FRIDAY, June 14th! We have a nice large group coming, and this will be an incredible 3-day extended class, featuring special guest instructor Rick Nierva. If you are planning on attending, please register *as soon as possible* since we are now making the final arrangements and registrations will soon be closing.



From our friends at Project Twenty1:  Film & animation folks – you are running out of time to become an official 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Team and/or to submit your short or feature to the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival. Check out the opportunities on


Italian Animator Bruno Bozzetto will receive the ASIFA prize on June 13 at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.  For more information, please read the press release on AWN.