Mickey’s 85th Anniversary and the NYC Doc Fest

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Sorry for the late notice but there are two events coming up in NYC that you should mark on your calendars.  Long time ASIFA member Greg Ford has curated a program at the Film Forum to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 85th Anniversary.  And former ASIFA-East President David Levy has a short in the NY Documentary Film Festival.  See below for all the information:

4MM268Sunday, November 17 – Monday, November 18: Purchase tickets
Disney Mouse Party MICKEY’S 85th ANNIVERSARY

When Walt Disney’s all-synchronized Steamboat Willie opened at NYC’s Colony Theatre (now Broadway’s Broadway Theater) on November 18, 1928, carrying both Walt’s name and the credit “Drawn by Ub Iwerks,” the stage was set for an animated mouse’s unparalleled and innovative, decades-long career. In a rise to stardom as meteoric as Charlie Chaplin’s (festival honoring Chaplin’s Tramp screening Jan 1-7), the Mouse soon became the world’s most famous movie star.

Film Forum’s 85th anniversary Mouse Party program, co-starring Mickey’s main squeeze Minnie Mouse and other barnyard pals, includes pristine 35mm Mickey Mouse short subjects direct from the Disney archive, including early b&w comedy classics (1928-1933) such as Puppy Love, Blue Rhythm, The Gorilla Mystery, and Building a Building, not to mention a bonus sing-a-long; Technicolor breakthroughs (1936-1941) like Thru the Mirror, Mickey’s Trailer, Mickey’s Rival, and Nifty Nineties; plus one astounding sneak surprise short. Complete program approx. 80 min. 35mm & DCP.

This special “Mouse Party” has been programmed by animation producer-director Greg Ford, guest curator of the Whitney Museum’s legendary 1980-81 Disney exhibition. In the late 80s, Ford revived Warner Bros.’ theatrical cartoon division with The Duxorcist and Night of the Living Duck, following up with numerous tv specials, the compilation feature Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters, standout short subjects like Blooper Bunny, William Tell Overture and Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers, and independent historical documentaries about the making of animated cartoons.

Special thanks to Disney’s own Howard Green.


Thu. Nov. 21, 2013 – IFC Center – Buy Tickets

Nostalgia and changing times. The Photo Man (USA, 7 min., Ben Kitnick) trades in old photographs. An antique store owner welcomes visitors in Not for Sale (USA, 10 min., Matthew C. Levy). The Final Note (USA, 16 min., Mayeta Clark) profiles a South Bronx piano warehouse. A young couple takes over The Mercantile (USA, 16 min., Brian Bolster), a general store in remote Montana. Last Days of the Video Store (USA, 7 min., Quin O’Brien) shows the struggle of a once-thriving business. Remembrances of a swiftly changing Brooklyn come to animated life in Of Memory & Los Sures (USA, 15 min., Laurie Sumiye & Andrew Parsons). Camp Story (USA, 26 min., David B. Levy) reveals the impact of getting away from the city as a kid.


Sometimes you have to go away to find home. When a poor city kid volunteers at a summer camp, he discovers a whole new world, in this 27-minute animated documentary film.

Director: David B. Levy; Producer: David B. Levy; Cinematographer: David B. Levy; Editor: David B. Levy; Music: Robert M. Charde