Member Perspective: ASIFA-East Animation Festival 2010

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Bill Plympton with Caresse Singh

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first attendance at the ASIFA-East Animation Festival held on Sunday, May 9th at the Tishman Auditorium of The New School. I arrived just in time, barely escaping the Mother’s Day festivities mandated by my large family. The show ran smoothly, with only one technical glitch which most people used as their moment to take a bathroom break.

Some highlights included Backwards, the Best in Show by Aaron Hughes and Lisa LaBracio. The film, revealed entirely backwards and with a wildly unexpected ending (technically, beginning) humorously depicted the bad breakup between a seemingly insensitive guy and an overwhelmingly emotional girl. Though likely unintentional, the bickering was particularly effective because most of it could work either backwards or forwards – a staple of unhealthy romance stuck in an unending cycle.

Honorable Mention Student Film Topi by Arjun Rihan was also a personal favorite. Rich in texture and spirit, and plush with great models and thoughtful lighting, Topi serves as proof that CG can be engaging and compelling.

All rewards were rightfully allotted to the deserving recipients. The reception was amazingly fun and eased me into being more social than I at first thought was possible. Meeting and taking a picture with Bill Plympton was among one of the best parts of the night for me. The after party at a nearby bar and the new relationships formed made it a truly memorable night.

-Caresse Singh (