Job Posting: Python Instructor Needed

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Code for Digital Media: Python for Animators

The Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute is looking for an instructor to teach a class entitled “Code for Digital Media: Python for Animators” (beginning January 17th!!)¬† If interested, please contact the Assistant Chair of the department, Carla Gannis <>.

*12/SP-DDA-584-02 <> *

Start Date

**Jan 17 2012 **
End Date
May 7 2012**Meeting Information**
09:30AM – 12:20PM
Room 4W-6

Bulletin Description of Course This intermediate-level course explores the creation and control of digital media by custom-created computer code. Subjects covered include low to high  level programming, scripting, and mark-up languages. This course focuses primarily on one subject area in any of four course offerings. Students may enroll up to four times providing they do not repeat any subject area at the same level.

Detailed Description This is an intermediate-level course focusing on creative expression through code for real-time and non-realtime applications. Python is a fast, powerful, free and increasingly ubiquitous scripting language. It has become the embedded scripting environment of choice for graphics applications such as Maya, Houdini, Motion Builder, while at the same time works as a stand-alone on virtually every platform from mobile devices to desktops.