Job Posting: Instructors Wanted

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University of the Arts (UArts), Philadelphia, seeks tradigital, and/or 3D-skilled individuals, looking to expand our current roster of qualified, part-time individuals to teach classes for fall ’13 as we look also to potentially add an additional full-time animation instructor in the future. MFA preferred, but we also accept a BA/BFA-holder with significant professional experience.

Potential candidates please contact Chris Magee, Director, Fall ’13, Animation, University of the Arts, Philadelphia:


In addition, for those seeking more information, here is a detailed listing of the classes we are looking to staff in the fall, with desired instructor skills:

• Intro to Computer Animation (Thursdays, day): sophomore-level class introducing students to basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, and Premiere as they relate to the creation of animation. Strong candidates would likely have professional, commercial experience and be able to cover file organization, creation of images (analog, digital, and hybrid), 2D puppeting, tradigital animation, compositing, and editing.

• Collaborative Workshop (Tuesdays, day): junior-level class that treats an interdisciplinary project (animators work with students from other disciplines, such as Dance, Music, and Theatre) to create a short piece, and also a client project, usually a PSA for a non-profit, where students work in teams in direct communication with a client. The instructor here would also likely have professional experience but may also have a strong fine arts orientation.

• Storyboarding (Thursdays, day): junior-level class that treats visual continuity via traditional filmic concepts, tends to be drawing-intensive, and also serves as the class where junior animation short ideas are turned into animatics to be produced during the spring semester. The instructor would have strong knowledge of cinematic language, drawing (especially linear perspective), and the capacity to help students develop personal shorts.

• Intro to 3d (Wednesdays, day): basic introduction to Maya, including modeling, texture-mapping, lighting, and animation. An individual with fluent technical skills and the ability to make complex software easy to understand is desirable.

• 3D: Character Animation (Thursdays, evening): advanced-level Maya class focusing on character movement and acting. Instructor, same as above and with experience working in this area.