Job Posting: Character Designer and Storyboard Artist

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Another job posting! –
My name is Sascha Ciezata and I am a Brooklyn based animator beginning a new independent animation project. The script is in a good place for me to begin looking for some conceptual artists to help me. It’s an adaptation of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness set in New York City with Rats as the characters.

Who I’m looking for:

1) A CHARACTER DESIGNER with a strong grasp for conveying expression without being overly stylized or cartoonish. I can get into more detail with the right candidate, but really seeking someone with strong draughtsmanship.

2) STORYBOARD ARTIST with a strong grasp of composition and conveying mood/atmosphere through high contrast lighting. Also someone who is good with street scapes and urban environments (ie, subway tunnels, alleyways, etc)

Both of these will be paid positions and I will be looking to hire someone within the next few weeks.

Please forward your best samples/portfolios along with a resume to along with your RATE and CONTACT INFO. You don’t have to send a ton of material, just enough for me to get a sense of your style and abilities.

Sascha Ciezata