Job Board: Animation Teaching Artist

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Our friends at Young Audiences New York are looking for an Animation Teaching Artist!

Teaching Artist applications can be submitted to Sarah Lempke at by Friday, August 15th.  Applications include a resume, work materials, and curriculum examples.

Please see below for all information:

Young Audiences New York
One East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Sixty Years Of Inspiring Learning

Organization Summary:

At Young Audiences New York (YANY), we leverage our organization’s 62 years of experience to create opportunities across the arts—music, dance, theater, visual, and digital art—for kids from kindergarten through high school. No matter what kind of work today’s kids will go on to do as tomorrow’s grown-ups, they will need to be confident experimenting and innovating, influencing others, expressing new ideas, thinking globally, and teaming up with a diversity of people to make things happen. Young Audiences New York helps kids develop all these important 21st century skills through programs led by our talented and diverse teaching artists; our portfolio of signature program initiatives including Literature to Life®, MELODY, and Target FamilyLink; and key relationships with principals, teachers, parents, donors, and funders.

YANY is currently seeks an Animation Teaching Artist, specifically knowledgeable and proficient in Stop-Motion-Animation (to include Claymation Studio and Cinescore). The Animation Project is a semester long, after-school residency offered in the fall and spring semesters by YANY in partnership with the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. The mission of the Animation Project is to provide NYC public high school students with free, professional level training in animation and its various artistic components – other key elements include opportunities to show original work, learn about career development, and creating potential for future engagement in the arts and arts related professions.

Teaching Artist Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in Annual Teaching Artists Symposium;
  • Attend Professional Development offerings provided by YANY;
  • Facilitate planning meetings with YANY and Sony in preparation for each semester and schedule additional planning meetings as authorized;
  • Assist Young Audiences in recruitment of potential students while participating in the interview and selection process for each semester;
  • Provide high-quality instruction in the art of stop-motion-animation, story development, theme and artistry, and character development;
  • Design and lead weekly studio sessions from October to June, with a minimum of 2 public screenings a year and communicate with the YANY and Sony regarding any scheduling changes;
  • Sustain regular, thorough, and professional communication with YANY program staff throughout the residency;
  • Submit curricular materials, such as lesson plans, residency planning guides, evidence of student learning, residency assessment and reflection documents;
  • Attend meetings with the Director of Education and Artist Development to reflect on semester outcomes and teaching practice;
  • Collect media release forms from all students in each of your classes, as requested, with the assistance of the Sony staff member;
  • Order all supplies related to workshop activities from approved list of YANY vendors;
  • Submit receipts for reimbursement in a timely fashion (1-2 weeks after purchase);
  • Work in partnership with YANY and Song to plan culminating projects;
  • Collaborate with outside organizations, studios, and animators to create a vibrant arts experience and provide links to their continued education in the arts;
  • Assist in identifying opportunities for interactions between young animators and member of the professional community and animation industry.

The Ideal Candidate:

Young audiences is looking for an inspiring and resourceful individual who can lead studio workshops, create student engagement, develop story telling skills and visual artistry, and create a sense of community. Our ideal Animation Teaching Artist will approach this task with dedication, ownership, energy, passion, and humor. They will be able to embrace Young Audiences New York as a guide, support, and partner.

  • Loves children and is passionate about their development;
  • Demonstrates a commitment to being a reflective practitioner constantly developing new skills and strengthening the outcomes of their work with students;
  • Ability to effectively align curricula with educational standards (including Common Core and NYC arts standards);
  • Skilled at designing lesson plans that cultivate both artistic skill building and challenge understandings of self and the world;
  • Skilled at integrating arts across the curriculum;
  • Effective time management skills;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Can successfully articulate the effectiveness of their work to stakeholders and YANY staff;
  • Understands classroom management as successful student engagement and utilizes tools that generate interest and increases efficacy toward learning;
  • Brings creativity, flexibility, and joy to collaboration with students, school partners, and YANY staff;


  • A minimum of 3 years animating in a professional setting;
  • Substantial experience working with teens, preferably in NYC;
  • The ability to engage students with varying interests in animation, from storytelling, to drawn animation, to sound scoring;
  • Experience and interest leading studio classes to all levels of experience, specifically related to animation and story development;
  • Flexible, with a good sense of humor;
  • A desire to collaborate and take joint ownership over the project.

Position begins September 2014: This is a 9 month, free-lance position requiring approximately 4-6 hours per week, 2.5 which will be spent in class. Fee is commensurate with experience. For more information on Young Audiences New York and the Animation Project please go to

Teaching Artist applications can be submitted to Sarah Lempke at by Friday, August 15th.  Applications include a resume, work materials, and curriculum examples.