International Animation Day 2010: A Tribute to Prescott Wright

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ASIFA-East was pleased once again, on October 26, to celebrate International Animation Day and the 50th anniversary of ASIFA with a program of classic animated shorts curated specially for International Animation Day by animation historian (and ASIFA-San Francisco president) Karl Cohen.  The nineteen shorts, made between 1968 and 1970, were first hand-picked by the late Prescott Wright (ASIFA-San Francisco) for his celebrated series of theatrical compilations, International Tournée of Animation.  The selection, a mix of independent and commercial shorts, included films by master artists, the pioneering (and still stunning) computer animations of John Whitney, and a selection of vintage commercials and early “Sesame Street” shorts.
ASIFA-East members have requested a listing of the films in Tuesday’s program, which we are glad to provide here.
-Ray Kosarin
International Animation Day Screening 2010: A Tribute to Prescott Wright
Richard Williams (UK): Charge of the Light Brigade titles
Yoki Kuri (Japan): Miss Kemeko
Pavel Prochazka (Czecholsolvakia): Acceleration
John Whitney (US): Binary Bit Patterns
Raoul; Servais (Belgium): Sirène
Robert Mitchell, Robert Swarthe (USA): K-9000: A Space Oddity
Bob Godfrey (UK): Rope Trick
Herbert Kosower (USA): The Face
Ernest and Giselle Ansorge (Switzerland): Les Corbeaux
Keith Rodin (Canada): Cinetude No. 3
Robert Mitchell, Robert Swarthe (USA): Harboush Portfolio
John and Faith Hubley (USA): Sesame Street ‘Wanda the Witch’
Jeff Hale (USA): Sesame Street ‘Jazzy Spies’
John and Faith Hubley: Sesame Street ‘E, e’
Unknown:  Corticella spot
(Unknown):  ‘Dial 999’ spot
Yoji Kuri (Japan): Crazy World
Nedeljko Dragic (Yugoslavia): Per Aspera Ed Astra
John Whitney (USA): Permutations