Independent Night

I always love attending the juror screening for the Independent Category of the annual ASIFA-East Animated Film Festival.  Here’s a night when you can come and enjoy watching all sorts of new and exciting independent films unencumbered by the rules of the advertising and television world.   A night devoted solely to the artist’s creativity.  We had a great turnout for our last evening of judging, and I’ll just highlight a few trends of the evening’s films.  Can we say animals?  Lots and lots of animals.  Talking ones.  Silent Ones.  Furry ones.  Cute ones.   Oh and deer – animators love deer.  Lots and lots of non-linear narratives, as well as films in a series, and a few compilations of a number of animated shorts by different animators.   Social issues were vividly portrayed and loved ones remembered.  All in all, a fun night indeed.  The winners in this category and others will be announced at our awards ceremony on April 29th.  Stay tuned for details.