Have ASIFA-East Mementos?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010 in International Update | No Comments

Do you have an old sketch, a photo or doodle on a cocktail napkin from an ASIFA-East event gone by, an ancient program or poster from a years-ago event, or any other interesting curio tucked away in your filing cabinet or that box behind the skis and camping equipment in your closet?ASIFA-International is preparing a commemorative book in honor of ASIFA’s 50th anniversary, and we would be thrilled to print your handsome (or quirky) images to go with it.If you’ve a scanner, your precious artifact need never leave your sight. (And if you haven’t, we’ll pick up and deliver said memento to you at your door. ¬†How’s that for convenience?) You’ll be rewarded with a photo (or courtesy of) credit which will be treasured by your great grandchildren, even after they’re no longer able to see your films, because the equipment to play your BlueRays and DVDs has become scarce as an Edison phonograph.Drop me a note at raykosarin@aol.com and let me know what you have. ¬†Because what’s a treasure if nobody gets to appreciate it?Ray Kosarin