Animation Retrospective by Ed Dorino: Call for Contributions

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Long time ASIFA member, Animation Director and Creator of the Library of Special Visual Effects, Ed Darino is putting together a retrospective on the evolution of animation technology with a focus on New York.   He is inviting all to contribute, so please read his request below and contact him with your short video story and thoughts.  Please share.  We look forward to screening the finished film, Ed!

I’m doing a retrospective about my 50 years frame by frame.
73 at NYU – Hammerow introduced us to the Optical House and Dick (Rhau)
introduced me to Tissa, John Gatti… the world. HE MUST BE in the movie (Dick) … is about US… those independent (Hubley, Ernest, Michael (Sporn) and many others who fade out -etc) that kept working in NY.
I didn’t want to, I felt it was self-promotion until students insisted and when my grandson 2 yrs refused the DV camera I gave him and started to record video on an iphone I understood it was time to explain to them how we got here… from analog to digital… you can suggest or invite any others… ASIFA EAST was our soul back then… 73-75-77…
then I got busy then the Cancer came in then the chemo now…
the last chapter.
ANYONE who wants to cooperate, send me a short video with your story-comment, did technology changes influenced in your life and work? did you work in the analog days? how, with whom, doing what? and add pictures. This is independent work maybe … when is finished… ASIFA will show it. Let’s hope so. – – – my email: