Commissioned, Educational, Experimental, and Music Video Night

Article by Caresse Singh.

The Commissioned/Educational/Experimental/Music Video jury night was a night dedicated to worthy causes. From explaining the process of the water cycle, to relaying the heroic tragedy of two of NY’s finest, and ending with an anthem of metal, the night ran the full gamut of the entertainment spectrum. Some of the regulars were up for judgment, with films that you may have already seen circulating this year. Most of the commissioned films were of the Educational/Children’s variety while some were promotional pieces. In all, most of the Commissioned Films were 2D animations, with the exception of 1 ad (digital compositing) and 3 stop motion pieces. The Experimental section included the renovation of an old classic, twitter references and a multi-artist mash up among many other dazzling pieces. Music Videos led us through a visual journey of stop motion, live action, digital compositing and good ol’ drawn 2D animation. If you missed it, you definitely missed a great screening, but never fear because you can check out the Awards Ceremony and see some of the top ranking films! And if you missed your chance to compete, then complete that film (or start animating) and catch the next deadline, circa this time next year!