Changes for ASIFA-East!

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Hello ASIFA-East!

It’s the beginning of a new year and we’ve made some changes – good changes – changes in our infrastructure that we hope will help us to improve and to increase our usefulness and relevancy in our community.

For some time, Dayna Gonzalez has been tirelessly updating our blog and website while seeking new ways we can reach more people in clearer and more helpful ways.  Her blog posts offer resourceful information to the creatives that run our city:  the freelancers!  She’s a determined community builder and a leader, which is why she was the perfect choice to take on the position of ASIFA-East Co-President.  Dayna is a terrific partner and I look forward to sharing the responsibility with her.

Our volunteer team of Board Members at ASIFA-East has long been in need of an official Events Coordinator position.  I’m pleased to be able to finally check that off of the list.  Board Member Tristian Goik has graciously accepted the responsibility of ASIFA-East cruise director.  ASIFA-East is always open to your ideas for events, panels, and networking events.  If you come up with something, please feel free to let him know and he will bring it to the rest of the board for consideration at our monthly board meeting.  Contact Tristian at tkg211 at gmail dot com.

Linda Simensky and Nancy Lennert have been our dedicated ASIFA-East Festival and Awards Co-Chairs for as long as I can remember.  After years and years of service keeping our country’s longest annual animation festival running, they have officially passed the torch.  We are so thankful for all the work they have done to strengthen and ensure the integrity of our membership-voted awards.  We couldn’t be luckier to have two perfect Board Members on hand to step into their shoes.  If your dues are paid up, then you get the e-newsletter from new Festival Co-Chair, Katie Cropper.  Katie keeps a keen eye out for industry-related news and a finger on the pulse of our community.  She’s energetic and dedicated which makes her perfect for the post.  Our ASIFA-East Treasurer, Masako Kanayama, holds our organization’s purse and keeps our board even-keeled with her calm and conservative manner.  She is a natural diplomat and she is a perfect counterpart to Katie.  If you have Festival and Awards Ceremony questions, email Katie and Masako at

We have a terrific existing Executive Board and I look forward to our partnership in fortifying the 43 year old foundation of ASIFA-East and refurbishing and renovating with new ideas and new platforms.

Now, members, do you have ideas for how we can better serve you and the community?  Lay them on us!