Celebrate Pride Month with Queer Animation!

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A sunset film screening of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender People, Queers, Asexuals, Intersex, Questioning, even Demisexuals… they all make animations too!

Brought to you by ASIFA-East, an international community of animators, and in partnership with Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn.

RSVP on Facebook! Thursday June 23th 2022, 7-10 PM EST, Metropolitan 559 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Grab a Happy-Hour drink at the bar, find someone nice to sit with, and enjoy! Everyone is welcome at Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn NY!

Featuring films from across the world, including France, Ireland, Japan, the USA, Singapore, and more! Not for kids!


A Singaporean Love Story – O+ by OGS Singapore 2020

Star Fallen – Alex Tagali Greece 2018

The Magentalman and The Gentlemint – James Crang United Kingdom 2021

A Little More Blue – Sugandha Bansal India 2020

The Egg – Loren Fink United States 2021

Outside the Box – Janet Grainger Ireland 2019

Closet Combat – Augustus Hinton United States 2021

Our Ace Story – O+ by OGS Singapore 2022

John and Michael – National Film Board of Canada Canada 2004

Cariño – Ashley Williams United States 2021

Reviving The Roost – National Film Board of Canada Canada 2019

Modern Queer Heroes – Kate Jessop UK / International 2020

Jupiter and Europa – Milo Ferguson United States 2021

Sometimes I Wish I Was On a Desert Island – National Film Board of Canada Canada 2020

Freak of Nature – JP Schiller United States 2021

Men in Blue – Francisco Bianchi France 2021

Turning To Self-Surgery: A Transgender Woman’s Journey – O+ by OGS / Yu En LEE Singapore 2021

Fruity – Selwin Vervoort Netherlands 2019

Up Close – Sam Gurry United States 2021

Are You Here, Ser Brunetto? – Honami Yano Japan 2021

Eyes and Horns – Fabian Driehorst Germany, South Korea, USA 2021

Manor Holes High Rise – Nick McKernan United States 2021

If Cowboys Were Men – Henry Park United States 2022

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