Camera Equipment For Sale

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Our good friend Edward Bakst, Director and Designer at Ideaforia and Professor, has a lot of film equipment for sale.  Please read below and share amongst your colleagues and friends who might be interested in this offer.

Equipment list:
Mitchell Camera 35 mm # 1332 HS-STD rock over
4 primary lenses
115 VAC DC Live Action Motor for Variable Speed Motor
JR A 120 DR Stop Motion Motor
Specrtra Light Meter
Lens shade attachable to the front of the camera for filters and such
Changing Bag for 400 ft magazine
3 Matthews film Light Stands plus 2 others simpler Stands (but for some reason I can not locate the lights)
2 x 400 ft Magazines for the camera.
all these parts come in separate solid Hard Shell Cases.
Geared Tripod for stop motion camera moves (tilts and pans) (heavy, solid well made bought from film equipment rental house) I can provide the make if need to?

Available for the best offer made
Alternately, it can be offered as a donation, providing a legal donation receipt is provided in return.
I would like to find someone interested in all this as a package, if possible of course.
Equipment would need to be picked up by an interested party from my former apt in the upper west side of Manhattan.
Please contact Edward Bakst at or at