ASIFA-Washington DC and Baltimore: Call for Membership

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This is a special message from one of our members in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, who is looking to reestablish a chapter of ASIFA.  Please see below and contact Brian Mah if you are interested.

Dear all ASIFA-East members,

Do you live in the Washington DC/Baltimore area?  Are you a member of
ASIFA-East and can’t make it to New York?  Do you love to make, watch,
draw, write, and talk about animation? Then we need people like you.

ASIFA-Washington has been dormant for many years and need members who
would like to help re-establish ASIFA-Washington.  We are looking for
active members of ASIFA-East to work with area organizations to help
increase the awareness of animation.

Washington DC and Baltimore have a treasure trove of animation
appreciation.  DC is home to many museums (Smithsonian Institutions),
historic cinematic theaters (AFI: Silver Spring), and historic sites
(Washington Monument).  Baltimore has a strong history of independent
artists and festivals.  One such festival is the Festival of Lights in
the spring 2016.

I have been in the animation and film industry since 1999.  I am a
graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I am currently working
as a freelance pre/post production and graphic designer (Mah
Productions) in the DC area.

If you are interested in volunteering at ASIFA-Washington, I can be
contacted at ranmah@mahproductions.  Many thanks for your assistance.

Brian S. Mah
Mah Productions