ASIFA-Hollywood Member’s Choice Annie Award

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This invitation comes to us from ASIFA-Hollywood, who have kindly invited all ASIFA members to take part in this year’s  Member’s Choice award vote for Best Animated Feature Film:

ASIFA-Hollywood would be pleased to welcome the international community into the Annie Awards by allowing all interested members of ASIFA to vote on the new Member’s Choice Award.

Unlike most Annie Award categories, which are voted on by ASIFA-Hollywood professional members only, the Member’s Choice Award for Best Animated Feature Film will be chosen by all interested members, whether they are professionals, students or fans of animation.

The requirements are simple, but the time is limited.

Please send to your designated ASIFA chapter representative [see below!] your name and email address. Then (by November 7, 2011) your representative will send a full list, including the name and email address of each member who wishes to vote, to ASIFA-Hollywood. Each person on the list will be assigned a user name a password and will be allowed to vote on the Member’s Choice Award in January, 2012.

Annie Award winners will be announced at a ceremony at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

If you would like to participate, please send me your name and e-mail address at—please include the words ‘Annies vote’ in the subject line—and confirm that you are an active member of ASIFA-East. I’ll include names I receive by the 6th (but what could be easier than doing it now?).