ASIFA-East Presents – Pitching with Conviction: Become a Master

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Dec. 11th, Thursday  7pm

ASIFA-East Presents – Pitching with Conviction: Become a Master

Join Television Packaging Agent/Certified Career Coach Jim Arnoff in a highly interactive workshop to learn the insider’s tips and tools to pitch yourself and your animation projects with confidence and results. You’ll acquire the skills to break through blocks, gain access to the decision makers and maximize your effectiveness in pitching.

Jim Arnoff is a Television Packaging Agent representing New York production companies in developing and selling original animation and non-fiction programming to the networks and new media. He is an Entertainment Lawyer and Certified Life/Career Coach to the entertainment industry. Jim worked at the William Morris Agency as both an in-house lawyer and packaging agent. He leads workshops for the Producers Guild of America/East and West, Writers Guild of America East, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Women in Animation, New York Women in Film & Television, National Association of Latino Independent Producers, HBO and MTV Networks. Jim is a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts where he teaches “Animation: The Real World”.

Admission:  Free!

Tisch School of the Arts
721 Broadway
(bet. Waverly and Washington Place)
Room 006


  1. Yasumine Mousa
    December 11, 2008

    Freak, I’m so ridiculously tired right now, my biological clock is completely screwed up. I would love to go though… Thanks for the heads up, your blog is absolutely useful.

  2. asifaeast
    December 11, 2008

    Awesome! Glad to hear you like the blog! Sleep in late this weekend 🙂

  3. Tristian Goik
    December 13, 2008

    Hey, I love ASIFA and David Levy was my teacher once, so I was really sad find out that I missed not one but TWO meetings that were held right here at NYU! Usually I rely on NYU’s SAL emails, but there weren’t any, so can you make sure to send a notice to the Student Animation League next time? Email this guy: He’s the president Harry Teitelman.

    PS – is it snowing on this page or am i hallucinating

  4. asifaeast
    December 14, 2008

    Hey Tristian, our events our always listed on our website at in the calendar area and the newest one is always on the front page of the site. Check it frequently as it’s updated all the time. We don’t post all the asifa events coming up on the blog but our calendar covers this at the regular site.

    And yes, it is totally snowing on the blog. It’s a new wordpress feature. I thought it was the coolest thing, so it will be snowing on the blog for the winter season, or until WordPress gets rid of the new feature, whichever is shorter.

    – Dayna