ASIFA-East Animation Art Auction Teaser! Signed Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier Stuff!

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  • Astronaut Academy Vol 1: Zero Gravity – first edition with special foil cover! SIGNED & sketched in with silver ink by creator Dave Roman!
  • Self-published teaser comic for Smile (8 pages in length), signed by creator Raina Telgemeier
  • Original bunny drawing by Dave Roman, 6″x8.5″
  • Two posters for the on-line comic Teen Boat by Dave Roman and John Green, both signed and sketched on by Dave Roman
  • Special Insert page from Nickelodeon Magazine’s “The Best of Nickelodeon Magazine” ALL COMICS issue, celebrating 11 years of Nick Mag’s THE COMIC BOOK, which published some of the best all-ages and children’s comics. The insert page (printed on thick cardstock) is perforated and breaks apart into 9 trading cards featuring comics from THE COMIC BOOK. The cards feature work by: Jef Czekaj, Michael Kupperman, Sam Henderson, Bobby London, James Kolchalka, Terry LaBan, Craig Thompson, Scott Roberts, Mark Martin. The only place you get could these cards was in this issue.