Animazing Festival Award Winning Films Screening

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This Wednesday April 21, at 7 PM, ASIFA-East and ASIFA International are delighted to present our ASIFA program of award-winning films from the 2009 Inaugural Animazing Spotlight Festival, held November 7-8 at Hollywood’s legendary Egyptian Theatre.This week’s hour-and-a-half program presents films from around the world (including work of fellow ASIFA-East members) and a varied selection of some beautiful, some funny,  some distinctly original films.Whom—you ask—may we thank for this bounty?  The Animazing Spotlight festival, naturally, and its director Tee Bosustow, but whom else? Why, ASIFA-International, of course!It’s easy to forget (even as we have no qualms about reminding you) that ASIFA-East, wonderful as we are, is only one of 33 ASIFA National Groups and offices around the world. And many of our best programs, such as this one and our International Animation Day screenings (this season’s 35mm screening of Adam Elliot’s MARY AND MAX), come to us thanks to this dedicated network of hard-working animation people all over the world.And how, pray, do they work these miracles?  With our International ASIFA dues!  And, as an International ASIFA member, you not only support programming like the Animazing screening; you also enjoy the handsome ASIFA Magazine, edited by Chris Robinson and busting at the seams with color photos, art, and interesting articles on animation new and old; free admission to International members to Hiroshima Festival; and discounted admission to Ottawa, KAFI (Kalamazoo) and Cinanima (Portugal) festivals.Along with Animazing Spotlight Festival, ( we also wish to thank Bill Dennis (ASIFA-India) and Sayoko Kinoshita (ASIFA-Japan) for arranging to make this special program available to ASIFA members.The Animazing Spotlight program will be this Wednesday April 21, 7PM, at School of Visual Arts, 209 E. 23rd Street, in the 5th Floor Gene Stavis Screening Room.-Ray Kosarin