Animation Block Party at Rooftop Films!

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Our friends at Rooftop Films wanted to let you all know that this Friday, they are featuring Animation Block Party’s Opening Night.  ASIFA-East members get $2 off tickets to this and the entire season of Rooftop Films.  The discount code went out in our last newsletter but feel free to contact me at for the code.  I see a few ASIFA-East members and winners in this screening list!  Congrats to you all!!!!

Animation Block Party is upon us once again. Starting Friday, July 27, one of the largest animation exhibitions gets underway in Williamsburg. Since the first official ABP film festival on September 9th, 2004, thousands of filmmakers have submitted their animated shorts and screened them at the yearly festival. ABP is dedicated to exhibiting all genres of the world’s best independent, professional and student animation. Flavorpill said of ABP, “One of our favorite festivals of the year, Animation Block Party is like Saturday morning cartoons for adults, but so much better.” Gawker selected the 2011 ABP trailer as one of their “best videos of the week.” And as Melana Ryzik pointed out in the New York Times review of ABP: “Several pieces screened in the past years . . . have been turned into television and web series for MTV and the Sundance Channel,” so come on out and maybe you’ll get a sneak preview next year’s indie TV hits. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased HERE.

Friday, July 27

Animation Block Party

Venue: On the Lawn at Automotive High School

Address: 50 Bedford Ave. at North 3th St. Williamsburg Brooklyn, L to Bedford Ave. or G to Nassau Ave.

8:00PM: Doors open

8:30PM: Live music

9:00PM: Film

11:30PM-1:00AM: After-Party

Tickets and more info:


WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH THEM (David Chai | USA | 2 min.)
An animated poem about a little stinker I love.

TURNING A CORNER (David Levy | Brooklyn, NY | 5 min.)
A poor kid from Brooklyn fights the fates for a chance to change his life.

LEONARD (Michelle Brost | USA | 3 min.)
Burly lumberjack has visit from an unexpected friend

DAS HAUS (THE HOUSE) (David Buob | Denmark | 6 min.)
Dreaming to care for her grandmother, a little girl is restricted by her aunt and mother

NIGHTINGALES IN DECEMBER (Theodore Ushev | Canada | 3 min.)
Take a trip into the memories, and the fields of current realities

ROUSSEAU AND THE SALMON MAN (Rob Munday | UK | 6 min.)
Henri Rousseau looks down on earth and the mysterious figure of the Salmon Man

ROBOTS OF BRIXTON (Kibwe Tavares | UK | 5 min.)
London’s new robot workforce inhabits Brixton.

THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS (Sarah Beeby | UK | 6 min.)
Philip meets strange and dangerous creatures in the desert.

THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER STOP (Florian Piento | Tokyo | 4 min.)
Visual fantasy about moving crowds.

ALPHABET AEROBICS (Katy Warner | Oakland, CA | 2 min.)
A reinterpretation of Blackalicious’ ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ in rebus form.

THREADBARE (Brett Underhill | USA | 5 min.)
In a cold, bleak field there lays a lonely scarecrow. But he won’t be alone for long.

RE-COLLECTION (Nicholas Kallincos | Australia | 3 min.)
The tale of a celebrated Entomologist who is being haunted by his insect collecting past.

THE DEEP DARK (Laura Helt | USA | 7 min.)
A turn into the psyche of projected shadows, fleeting lights and ethereal vocal incantations.

SILENZIOSA MENTE (Alessia Travaglini | Milano, Italy | 5 min.)
‘Metaphor of vision’ that shows the shapes of the world beyond realism.

OLD MAN (Leah Shore | Brooklyn, NY | 5 min.)
Charles Manson has refused to communicate to the outside world, until now.

IN DREAMS (Samuel Blain | London | 4 min.)
An experimental documentary focusing on the most vivid dreams of normal individuals.

WELL, WELL, WELL (Michael Ribeiro | USA | 2 min.)
A meditation on domesticity and addiction.

PLACES OTHER PEOPLE HAVE LIVED (Laura Emel Yilmaz | USA | 7 min.)
Mixed media exploration of the relationship between memory and place.

BURT TALKS TO THE BEES (Isabella Rossellini | USA | 2 min.)
Meet the bees—the queen, the workers and the drones—in this wonderfully fantastic and wildly educational series of short films created by Isabella Rossellini, actress, director and uncanny Burt impersonator. Once you meet them, you’ll want to save them too. Visit to see how.