50th Anniversary ASIFA video

Happy New Year!  Did you know that in 2019, ASIFA East will have it’s FIFTIETH film festival?  To celebrate the big 5-0, we want to hear your stories, and share them in a short video at this year’s awards show. 

We are looking for:

– photos of your favorite ASIFA-East events, past and present!

– audio voice memos sharing what ASIFA means to you

– video clips!

– fun drawings!

– written testimonials!

– 50 years worth of memories!

– and more!

By combining your memories with animation clips from festivals past, we can highlight what this international animators association has accomplished. Feel free to send in a copy of your favorite Anymator (PAPER?!) pamphlets or picture of your custom designed award certificates!


Here are some of the questions we asked our audience members last year in a video interview:

– Who was the first friend you made at ASIFA?

– What was your favorite memory of jury screening?

– When did you meet A filmmaker?

– Why do you come back to ASIFA East?”


Please send your submissions to asifaeastevents@gmail.com

by the end of April 2019!


Don’t forget to submit your animations to our festival (before the late-submission deadline!) and stay tuned for an opportunity to animate our 50th signal film anijam!