Be Film Festival

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Thoughts on the Be Film Festival, by Adam Ansorge

I had to do work on the opening night, but every night since has been a really, really great show.  Laurence Asseraf and Dimitris Anthos, the festival curators, have put together an amazing week of short indie films and animations that are a wonderful mix in just the right amounts.  This is their 8th year doing this I think, and they know what they’re doing.  The hosts of BeFilm are purists of supporting the independent filmmaker and if you are one, you simply must meet them.  With free cocktail intermissions, promotional blogs for filmmakers hosted by Christina Kotlar of, and more than enough time to meet the makers of the movies, very little went wrong aside from a hiccup or two in the projection room.

I think I have only a single complaint and that is the scheduling set up for Thursday night.  That particular night was split up into two completely different places 30+ blocks away from each other.  I had to double time it uptown to make it to one of the screenings and I think that was not such a good idea.  The films, no matter where you were or when, were all a blast.  Some were amazing gems that I had no idea were out there.  Everyone should absolutely go next year and if you’re a filmmaker you should absolutely submit your films.  Bravo BeFilm!