Programming questions and administrative inquires:

ASIFA East President – Katie Cropper Klein asifaeastpresident[at]

Questions regarding your membership status:

ASIFA East Secretary – Coline Khayati asifaeastsecretary[at]

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ASIFA East Treasurer – Masako Kanayama asifaeastreasurer[at]

Animation Events in NYC or the North East:

ASIFA East Events – Tristian Goik asifaeastevents[at] 

Social Media Inquiry:

ASIFA East Social Media Editor – Tristian Goik asifaeastevents[at] 

Web Managers:

Christi Bertelsen and Emily Compton asifaeast.webmgr[at] 

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Mailing List Administrator Emily Compton asifaeast.mailinglist[at]